History of the IBCC

What are Internet Building Codes?

The Internet Building Codes were first developed by the Internet Building Code Council (IBCC) after conducting extensive research into Website Development Best Practices. The Internet Building Codes were written in response to the need of the Internet community to have a level of consistency in the creation of websites. Since the rise in the popularity of the Internet in the early 1990s, websites have been constructed using individual preferences as the standard of measurement. There are institutions that are educating students about how to develop websites, however, the curriculum used by these academic institutions has been subject to criticism due to the lack of consistent standards. While the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was formed to encourage minimum standards in the formatting of the website code itself, until the IBCC embarked on the task of writing the Internet Building Codes, no previous standards existed with regards to the creation of effective websites. The Internet Building Codes are specific recommendations covering the best practices for the development of effective websites, in accordance with the Guidelines for Effective Websites that were also formulated during the first meeting of the IBCC. The IBCC’s minimum requirements for developing effective websites are updated annually and are promulgated each year.